Hotel Rayas



"Choose from our 48 A/C Rooms and 6 Non A/C Rooms"

Non A/c :

The rooms are surrounded with all amenities by spacious windows that allow cool night breeze to step in.

Non A/c Standard

Standard A/c :

The standard A/C rooms are similar to the Non A/C rooms with an additional comfort of air conditioners to get away from the summer heat.

Non A/c Standard

Imperial :

Imperial rooms are available with spacious bed that are complete with a lobby and a wide bathroom with separate dressing portion.

Deluxe A/C :

Deluxe A/C rooms are better and best versions of the standard A/C rooms with additional amenities.

Heritage :

Specially designed for a family stay, heritage rooms are spacious and aristocratic. They include a dressing partition and living area with mini Fridge cum Dining Table and latest LCD TV.

Raya's Grandè :

It is our Raya's theme room which has been preset with mirrors on all sides of the walls and ceilings. They have been decorated with idols and ornaments that are famous in the Tanjore district.

Leisure :

Leisure room is designed for the purpose of providing a leisure stay. It is a room for two with a living area cum LCD TV.